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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for Maclean's

Happy Canada Day! For Canada's 150th birthday, Maclean's asked me to photograph our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 
Our time would be tight as he was scheduled to do a video interview in the same short time block. Having looked at tons of photos of his office before the shoot, I decided I wanted to photograph him leaning on his desk, with part of the office blurred out behind him. If we had time, I would do a slightly different close-up setup. 

On the day of the shoot, we picked up our passes, went through security, and waited around a while before someone was able to let us up. He was having quite a busy day, already having done a number of events like announcing federal LRT funding, a press conference with the Belgian Prime Minister, and even bringing him out for poutine (where he was photographed by Matt Barnes with the Trans-Canada Fryway guys)! 

Once we got up there, the TV crew set up on one side of his office while we set up on the other. As we were moving things off o…

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