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Chief Science Advisor Mona Nemer

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of photographing Canada's Chief Science Advisor Mona Nemer for Quebec Science.

Dr. Nemer is a specialist in the genetics of heart disease and was vice-president of research at the University of Ottawa for 11 years.

During our shoot, I was pleased to learn that she still spends much of her time on her research when she's not performing her new duties for the Canadian government.

In the planning phase of the shoot, I decided I wanted to do both a simple portrait and one with an interesting and pertinent background. I scoured my list of location scouting ideas and found the perfect spot: the Science and Technology Museum's Northern Lights installation.

Scroll for the portraits, BTS, and technical information.


Both shots used similar lighting. The key light was a Profoto B1X with a gridded Magnum Reflector and a CTO gel, and the fill was another B1X with a Zoom Reflector and a CTB gel. I used the gelled and gridded Ma…

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