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Farm Life - Wilkie Way Acres

Over a year ago I had the good fortune of being tasked with the wonderful assignment of photographing the Wilkie family on their hobby farm in Verner, Ontario for Farm Life. Now that it has been published I can finally share it!

Wilkie Way Acres is known in the community for their farm fresh eggs, fresh produce, and petting animals. They also jar pickles, carrots, and beets, as well as make their own salsa and spreads to sell to locals that stop by, and at farmers markets.

After making the four hour drive from Ottawa and getting acquainted with the family, we familiarized ourselves with the land, their day to day life, and of course all of the animals!

Once we had a handle on everything, we assessed the shot list and decided which images to create first. We especially wanted to utilize the late afternoon light as it slowly faded into twilight, which was a planned element to the scheduling of the shoot. We decided to photograph the more complex images first, these being the farmers mar…

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