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Wanda Seguin a.k.a. Wanda Wommin for Ottawa Magazine

Wanda Seguin, who goes by Wanda Wommin (like wonder woman), is many things. A contractor, a DIY-er, a teacher of handy work, and a lovely and hilarious human being.

We had the pleasure of photographing Wanda in her workspace for Ottawa Magazine. Wanda put on some great tunes and we had a blast learning about the home made lamps that were around (some made with old cameras!) and joking around during the shoot.

Scroll on for portraits, BTS, and technical information.

Technical Information:

I used one Profoto B1X with a Deep White Medium Umbrella and diffusion with a CTO gel. The strobe was triggered and controlled by Air Sync and Air USB. I used a Nikon D850 with Sigma Art lenses (85mm 1.4 and 50mm 1.4), tethered to CaptureOne Pro via TetherTools to my Apple MacBook Pro in an SKB case.

You can read the article About Wanda here.

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