Thursday, January 19, 2017

Maclean's Parliamentarians of the Year 2016

Near the end of 2016 I had the pleasure of photographing the Maclean's Parliamentarians of the Year. These awards are determined by a secret-ballot survey of their peers in the House of Commons. Below are some of the images from a crazy and amazing day on the hill, with BTS at the end! 

Parliamentarian of the Year: Tom Mulcair

I was fortunate enough to spend a half hour walking around with Mr. Mulcair, chatting and shooting away. He was especially delighted to hear I knew Jamie Kronick, "Jamie! He's one of the nicest guys!" It was a beautiful day, we were really lucky. Lots of tourists out and about, and when anyone recognized him he was happy to spend a few moments saying hi and welcoming them to the hill. Here's a few of the images we got. 

Hardest Working: Rona Ambrose

We were able to get in her office early and set up. I commented on how beautiful it is, and her assistant explained that one might assume that the PM's would be even more grand, but in fact it's not! Apparently when Diefenbaker became Prime Minister, he didn't want to move his stuff down from the Official Opposition office, so ever since the rooms have effectively switched roles! I thought that was a hilarious story. In any event, I was humbled to be in that room, and the session with Mrs. Ambrose was quite fun! Here's a couple of options we shot. 

All of the other MPs we photographed were lovely and a pleasure to work with. Here they are below with the name of the award they received: 

Most Knowledgable: Kevin Lamoureux

Best Orator: Nathan Cullen

Rising Star: GĂ©rard Deltell

Best With Constituents: Larry Bagnell

Most Collegial: Marilyn Gladu 


 BTS Images by: Rob Lloyd

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Place d'Orleans Holiday Campaign

If you've been to Place d'Orleans lately, or even driving in the area, you might have noticed the fabulous style blogger Alyssa Beltemo AKA Ms. Beltempo gracing the holiday advertisements! I had the opportunity to photograph her with Banfield at the end of October, and we even happened to get a tiny bit of snow that day while playing Christmas music!

Big thanks to everyone involved!

Client: Place d'Orleans
Agency: Banfield
Art Director: Amber Warren (AKA Propmaster!)
Producers: Emily Charette and Emilie Gagnon
Model and Wardrobe Stylist: Alyssa Beltempo
Hair Stylist: Liana Lacroix
Makeup Artist: Kelly Raffray
Assistants: Jackson Vandewouw and Chris McRae
BTS Images: Jackson Vandewouw

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Farm Life Magazine: Tim and Connie Tabbert

Last winter, I was commissioned by Farm Life Magazine to photograph Tim and Connie Tabbert in Forester Falls, ON. We had a fun day of shooting portraits of them in their home, feeding the cattle in the barn, walking around their property, and of course some photos of Tim with his vintage Massey Ferguson tractors. It was crazy cold that day, not to mention a full blizzard to drive through on the way home, but we had a great shoot nonetheless!

Thanks to Jamie Cole of Red Barn Media for the awesome assignment!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Minister Bardish Chagger for Canadian Business

A few months ago I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Bardish Chagger, Canada's Minister of Small Business and Tourism, and Leader of the Government in the House of Commons. This assignment for Canadian Business magazine was part of a bigger feature of portraits of business leaders in Canada.

Thanks to Liz Ikiriko from CB, Natalie Peachy on makeup, Shelby Tymchuck of Showpony on hair, and Jackson Vandewouw for assisting and BTS pics!

Stay tuned, lots more to come, including more Parliamentarians!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Shezan Muhammedi for Carleton University

I had the opportunity to photograph Shezan Muhammedi for Carleton University last month. He is the Research Adviser and Oral Historian for the Ugandan Asian Archives at Carleton, and is a PhD candidate in History, Migration, and Ethnic Relations at Western University.

I photographed him as part of the portrait series for this webpage by Carleton called Building the Ugandan Asian Archive. They explain on the site how the university "is working diligently to capture the experiences of those connected to the 1972 expulsion of Ugandan Asians. Canada was one of the first countries to respond to the crisis. This portrait series is testimony to the importance of the archival collection."

Thanks to Fateema Sayani for the great project as always, and for taking some BTS shots! Thanks also to Greg Crutchlow for assisting and of course Shezan for letting me boss him around.