diptych? start of a series?

A little while ago, my family and I went up to my mom's aunt and uncle's cottage for the day. We do this trip almost every year, and I always manage to squeeze in a few photos, but just of the regular stuff; people eating, swimming, etc. I still got some of those shots, but after dinner I decided to get a little more creative. I took a look around to figure out and get some previsualization of what I really want. Then between my dad recording my cousin Claire singing a song with some of the gear he brought up, I used mine to set up a little shoot for her (and later him). Apparently we like taking some time at the cottage to explore our creative side in our chosen career haha.

So I spent the rest of the night after dinner setting these shots up, using a TV as a tripod, trying new things with flash, ambient, etc. Most of my family, minus the recording crew, were behind me chatting amongst themselves as I was doing all of this, so I'm sure I provided some form of entertainment while they were having dessert. Then when I heard the singing stop in the other room I would get Claire to do a quick pose before she went back for "take two" or three.. or four.. of recording. Poor girl was everyone's subject that night! Hopefully she was enjoying the attention :)

Anyways, I've been wanting to do some creepier, darker, night shots lately. I still have a lot of ideas for those kind of shots which I hope to explore the rest of this summer and fall. I kind of like these two together, but I'm not entirely sure yet. Thought I would post this and see if I get any feedback. Keep it as a diptych? View one then the other separately? Should I continue this as a series? Not feeling one.. or both? Something specific? Who knows. I think I'm liking them.. or at least I am right now.. but I usually change my mind about my shots daily. I got to practice some photoshop skills I haven't been using much lately though, which was part of the reason I wanted to do this.

So a BIG thanks to Claire and my pops. Here they are!


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