new portrait

One thing I've been doing this week is going back to make some slight adjustments to portfolio images, just little things that were bugging me, that probably no one else will notice changed. But it's all because I'm getting a whole whack of prints made soon to update my print portfolio. Taking a lot out from when I was in school, and replacing them with newer personal work. And because I've tweaked these images, I of course had to be anal about it and update my website gallery again.

I also added this new image of Lauren to replace my 'environmental portrait' of her from my school assignment last year. This one is more in the direction I want my style to go, and I like swapping images now and again. I like her expression in this one, and the mood and everything came out pretty much how I wanted.

I've also dug up my Annie Leibovitz At Work book and will be reading that again when I have some time. I got it for Christmas in 2008 when I was in first year and read it in three sittings, which is unheard of for me, considering it's an actual book.. with like, actual words and stuff. But really I was pretty blown away by it, I recommend it to any photog.

And if you want to see a great film about her, definitely watch Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens. Here's a little two minute trailer to intrigue you.

My TED Talk this week is one of three I'll be posting from an interesting british guy named Ken Robinson, whose talks have been widely acclaimed. This one's about the role creativity in the school system and how creative subjects are considered less important than the others. He makes a great argument for changing that, and there's some good humour in there too. Check it out here.

One more link to sign off with, this one coming from my buddy/Humber ad student/copywriter Sophie Hebert (who recently launched her website!). It's called Pursuit of Passion: Diversity in Advertising, and it's a great watch for anyone who has a creative passion really.


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