blacksmith portrait

Way back in April, I shot a man named Cairn Cunnane for the summer issue of Our Homes Ottawa magazine (that's now out!). He's a blacksmith and welder, and had a wicked little shop. The mag's awesome editor Lise came for the shoot and mentioned that they wanted shots of him at work. He literally made a metal flower right in front of us as I shot the entire process from one end of the shop to the other as he worked. I did a couple portraits of him sitting on a bench he made as well, plus a few of his sculptures. 

The photos turned out great, and using the ambient light was perfect for that situation. But I really wanted to do a moody, lit portrait of him by his workbench. We decided it wasn't the right shot for the magazine, and I didn't have time to do it at the end of our shoot, but I couldn't get it out of my head. So a week or two later I contacted Cairn and asked him if he's willing to be a model again, for a personal shoot I want to do. He was game, so I went back and did the shot that was eating away at me. I like the final result, it turned out just how I pictured it. Now that the mag is out and I can talk about the whole situation, I can also post my pic, so here it is! Thanks soo much to Cairn for taking the time to pose (twice)! 

As for other jobs and things, I did a shoot for Canadian Immigrant Magazine of one of their Top 25 Immigrants. Did a few different setups, but they went with the outdoor one as she loves to garden. You can find the online profile of her here with the photo they chose. 

Shot a couple places for an interior design company as well, just finished up the post and everything on those jobs. The locations actually aren't what you'd typically think of for something like this either, not just nicely decorated houses and things. They're actually government buildings, which is kinda cool.. I think more government places could use less blah and more modern design like that! 

I also lost my voice for a few days last month, and of course I was scheduled to shoot for a few of those.. so that was kind of interesting. Whispering and note pads got me by surprisingly well though. And I got to have a lot of Halls. After about the fourth one I realized they had little inspirational quotes on them. Kind of a cross between fortune cookies and those meaning of life paragraph things on Starbucks cups. I enjoyed a few, so I took pics. What's new. 

I have another portrait collecting dust in my computer, waiting to get out. It was shot more recently but I'm still waiting for the ok to release it. Stay tuned.. 

And here's a TED Talk by Pranav Mistry on Sixth Sense Technology. Pretty crazy if this were to develop further. Especially the picture taking part haha. 


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