rachel, promos, and my secondary blog

My cousin Rachel did her high school co-op placement at Models International this past year. She also got to do a couple cool things like a nifty little fashion video with a few other models. Anyways, she mentioned that MIM would keep her on file as a potential model and some new photos would be great. So we recently got together and took a few shots. Here's my favourite.

I've been a little slow when it comes to print promos. Mainly because I don't print my own stuff (yet) and I'm anal about quality. The photo I used here has been floating around my site for a while, but because of the recent awards for it (and the fact I still like it, which really is shocking), I thought it would be a good one to send out. 

I had them done by my go-to print shop for this kinda stuff, Jukebox Print. I think I've already brought them a bunch of clients.. so I won't gush too hard (again). But if anyone's looking to get business cards, promos, etc. printed, you should look into them. (Oh, and ask me about a $10 off voucher.)

If any art directors/photo editors/etc. are reading this and would like to get on the mailing list, just shoot me a message. 

I've also started another blog currently titled Unsorted. A place for personal photos that don't really belong on this blog, don't really belong on my website, but need a home. I wrote a long rant about it and why it's important to me, but I think I'll save that and just let you see it for yourself (if you so choose). 

Here's a taste of the kind of work I've been posting. Check it out here


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