A little while ago, I had the pleasure of shooting the promo imagery for a band called HIGHS. The drummer, Mr. Kevin Ledlow, happens to be the brother of my best friend/room mate, so I've witnessed their wicked live show a few times and been a fan for a while now. Even their set of three songs at Kevin's wedding got the grandmas and grandpas into it. Here's some music to get you through the rest of my post:

We shot the promo photos in time for the release of their EP. First we did some in my basement before they set up for a rehearsal, having some fun with a smoke machine. Then we headed outside for something in the sun and a quick polaroid. Later I tried some new photoshop techniques I've been playing with for the grid of portraits.

Here's the results, plus some live shots I've taken. Thanks to Doug, Karrie, Joel, and Kevin for being up for anything. And be sure to check out their website to buy and/or stream the EP.


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