3|Sixty Secure CEO Thomas Gerstenecker

Recently I was asked to photograph new head shots for Thomas Gerstenecker.

Thomas has an impressive work history, including serving as the UN's Chief of Security for Global Operations, Chief of Special Operations, and as a member of the Canadian Counter Terrorism Unit, Joint Task Force Two.

Now he is the Founder and CEO of 3|Sixty Secure, a multinational security service. "3sixty has Secret security clearance and works with an extensive roster of professionals who are cleared for Secret security."

"Thomas brings in-depth understanding of security operations for the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, as well as policing operations, military security operations, intelligence, physical security and IT security."

Thomas wanted something a little darker and more contemporary than an average business portrait, so we used a painted canvas background and a combination of harder, specular light with softer sources.

I used a Profoto Magnum Reflector with grid as the main light for the hard and punchy quality. Beside/behind it I had the Umbrella Deep White Medium with diffusion to round out the falloff. Behind me was a Umbrella Deep White XL with diffusion for fill, and for a background/hair light I had a Zoom Reflector. We used Profoto D2's and B1X's all triggered and controlled by Air Sync and Air USB. I shot on a Nikon D800 with the Sigma 85mm 1.4 Art, tethered to CaptureOne Pro via Tether Tools.

Stay tuned for more recent work!


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