I Am Snow Angel & Grace Lachance

A few months ago I photographed artist/producer/founder of Female Frequency Julie Kathryn AKA I Am Snow Angel for an article that would be appearing in Music Tech Magazine. Julie was down in Ottawa from NYC to produce local artist Grace Lachance. I was asked to shoot them working together in the recording studio, but I also took the opportunity to create some portraits. Scroll for the images and BTS information:


For the colour photos, the key light was a Profoto D2 with a gridded Zoom Reflector and a green gel, and the fill was a B1X with a Medium Deep White Umbrella and a yellow gel. Lights were triggered and controlled by Profoto's Air Sync and Air USB. The black and white portraits used the same setup but only using the modelling lights and a slow shutter speed.

The gridded green head allowed me to focus a very narrow but soft beam on their faces, while the yellow fill rounded out the light. I played with the white balance and toning in post to achieve the look I wanted.

I shot on a Nikon D800 with the Sigma 85mm 1.4 Art, tethered to CaptureOne via TetherTools to my Apple MacBook Pro in an SKB case.

The recording studio shots were shot to card with all ambient light.


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