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Chisomo N Msoffe, founder of Ottawa's Homeless Period, for Walden University

Here's a shoot from 2019 of Chisomo N Msoffe, the Founder of Ottawa's Homeless Period , which is a community project aimed at making feminine sanitary products accessible to homeless women in Ottawa. Photographed for Walden University.  BTS INFO: I used a Profoto B1X with a Deep White Medium Umbrella with diffusion for the main light. I had another B1X bouncing off the wall/ceiling in the room behind the glass doors to bring in some ‘sunlight’ in the background. The strobes were triggered and controlled by Air Sync and Air USB. I shot on a Nikon D850 camera with a Sigma Art 50mm 1.4 lens. I was tethered to CaptureOne Pro via Tether Tools to my Apple MacBook Pro in an SKB case. Assisting and BTS by Kamara Morozuk and Veronique Boucher.

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